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Fire Prevention Division

It is the Fire Prevention Division mission to prevent or limit the occurrence of fire incidences, to make sure buildings are safe to occupy, to ensure proper egress is always

available, to make certain fire protection systems are in place and maintained, and effectively utilize the principles of engineering, education and enforcement to protect our citizens, our workplace, our homes and our environment from the ravages of fire.

Florida law requires that all new commercial construction and renovations of 25% or more to existing are to be inspected by the Fire Official having jurisdiction to ensure the project meets Florida Fire Prevention Code.

A burn permit is required for all open fires in Suwannee County, except cooking fires. All permits are issued and controlled by Florida Forestry Service. Land owners and contractors can apply for a burn permit for land clearing and other farming or agricultural operations.

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Fire Inspections are conducted on all commercial properties. The objective of these inspections is to enforce Florida Fire Prevention Codes, identify and remedy unsafe, hazardous and/or non-compliant conditions.

Our Inspectors also respond to complaints of possible unsafe conditions in public businesses/properties.

The Fire Prevention Division has an investigation unit that is deligated the responsiblity of investigation the fire origin and cause.

The Records Section of SCFR's Fire Prevention Division stores records of commercial property inspections for various business occupancies and multi-unit residences for both new construction and existing structures.

Florida Statute, section 633.027 and Florida Administrative Code 69A-60.008, require the owner of any commercial, industrial, 

Our Public Education section provides information on fire prevention and life safety tools and practices.

Applications can attained here along with Permit information.

New Construction inspections are conducted on new construction projects to ensure compliance with State and local Fire Codes and requirements both during construction and prior to occupancy of property.

Suwanee County Emergency Services Fire Protection Rating is a class 5/5x, the highest rating ever awarded to the County. 


A fire watch is a physical inspection conducted when a BUILDINGS fire alarm, sprinkler or other suppression systems, are temporarily out of service. 

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