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Friday, 28 October 2011 22:50

Escape Plans

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When a fire occurs, there's no time for planning.  Sit down with your family of business today and plan a step by step escape route.

1) Draw a diagram of your room, home or office

2) Plan 2 ways out of every room

3) Make sure windows and doors easily open

4) Use a rope ladder if there is not a fire escape route

5) Choose your exit by checking the door (to see if it is hot, if so then choose the next exit)

6) Once you get out, stay out

7) Practice make perfect


Remember this poem for escape plans: (for kids)

Take a drawing of your room, decide two ways out

In case there's fire soon, practice the route.

STOP, DROP AND ROLL and then there's COOL.

If you catch on fire, there are four word to remember:

STOP:    Stop what you are doing.  Moving, running or waving you hands frantically only services to feed air and oxygen to the flames.

DROP:   Drop to the floor and fold you arms high on your chest to protect your face.

ROLL:     Roll slowly on the floor or ground in a rug or blanket.  If there are not rugs or blankets available, then pound on you clothing with something to get the flames out.  Smother the flames.  Don't let them get oxygen.

COOL:   Cool all burns with water.  Seek medical attention immediately.

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