A Message from the Director

James Sommers, Public Safety Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website, a resource for operational information, historical insights, community outreach, employment opportunities and health & safety information.

We are located in North Central Florida with a staff of 43 paid and 60 volunteer dedicated personnel and a budget of 4.5 million, providing fire and rescue services with five fulltime stations and 11 volunteer stations, covering all of Suwannee County.

The men and women of this organization are highly trained, dedicated, and committed to providing services that can only be described as outstanding. Providing excellence service through training, professionalism, efficiency and dedication.

We are determined to run effciently possible, being good stewarts of the citizens tax money. As Assistant Chief Robert Eyer often says, this organization belongs to the citizens of Suwannee County and we are here to serve you.

Our Mission


The Fire Rescue Department strives to improve the quality of life in Suwannee County by promoting the highest quality emergency medical services,  fire protection, fire prevention, promoting safety, and community outreach programs.

Fire Weather Forecast

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